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LTH Electronics

800w-mxd73mxd75_-_lth_electronicsLTH deliver intelligent measurement solutions for applications that require accurate and reliable process control and measurement.

They offer a range of Contacting and Electrodeless Conductivity, pH, Redox, Dissolved Oxygen, Suspended Solids, Turbidity, Level, Flow, Pressure and Temperature instrumentation and sensors for many industrial applications. Service and technical support are an integral part of their business, with calibration to traceable standards, commissioning, installation, planned maintenance and training all part of their comprehensive package.



LTH are also distributors of Klay Instruments BV products in the UK.

Klay Instruments develop and manufacture an array of electronic pressure and level transmitters, “intelligent” transmitters with HART® protocol or Profibus-PA output. All of their product range is designed, developed and manufactured in their factory in Dwingeloo in the Netherlands.