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Mobrey Products List

Below is a representative list of Mobrey products we can supply. This is not a complete list so if your part number is not shown please get in touch and we will be happy to assist you.

Level Switches and Accessories

S01DB/F84, S01DB/F68/4, S01DB/F21/1, S01DB/F93, S01DB/F104, S01DB/F185, S01DB/F264, S01PB/F84, S01PB/F68/4, S01PB/F93, S01PB/F21/1, S01D6B/F84, S01D6B/F68/4, S01D6B/F21/1, S01D6B/F93, S01D6B/F104, S01APA/F84, S01APA/F68/4, S01APA/F68/4, S01APA/F21/1, S01APA/F93, S01APA/F014, S01AMA/F84, S36DA/F84, S36DA/F21/1, S36DA/F68/4, S36DA/F93, S36DA/F104, S36DA/F264, S36PA/F84, S36PA/F68/4, S36PA/F21/1, S36PA/F93, S36PA/F104, S36PA/F264, S36D6A/F84, S36D6A/F21/1, S36D6A/F68/4, S36D6A/F93, S36D6A/F104/1, S36D6A/F264, S250DA/F84, S250DA/F21/1, S250DA/F68/4, S250DA/F104, S250DA/F185, S250DA/F264, S250D6G/F84, S250PA/F84, S250PG/F96, S179DB/F84, S179DB/F21/1, S179DB/F68/4, S179DB/F93, S179DB/F104, S179DB/F185, S179DB/F264, S189DB/F84, S189DB/F21/1, S189DB/F68/4, S189DB/F93, S189DB/F104, S189DB/F185, S189DB/F264, S03DBL/F84, SMA-1, SMA-2, SMB-1, SMB-2, SMD-1, SMN-1, SMN-2, TD110/A, TD111/A, J184, J863, J786, 71020/107, 71030/900, 71020/111

Boiler Controls

BX05/2, BX06/2, BX07/2, BX09/1, BX11/2, BX12/1, BX13/2, BX14/2, BX20/2, BX21/2, BX22/2, BXM08/3, BXM15/1, BXM22/3, BD01/1,BD02/2, BD02/3, BD03/4, BD05/4, BD07/3, BD13/2, BD14/2, BDM06/2, BDT03/2, BX02/1, 81006, 81007, 81008, 80311

Ultrasonic Point Level Sensors and Control Units

003H0, 003H2, 003H5, 003S0, 003S2, 003S5,  402SD80, 442SD80, MCU201, MCU203

Mini Squings

VT00, VT03, VT0, VT07, VT0F, VT0L, VT10, VT13, VT15, VT17, VT1F, VT1L

Dry Product Point Level Switches and Accessories

VLSKB131Z, VLSKN131Z, VLSKB135A, VLSHN131Z, VLSHN135A, PLSKB131Z, PLSKB130A, PLSKB131A, PLSHN132Z, PLSHN130Z, PLSKN132Z, P4137, P4145, P4135, P4156, P4193, P4146, P4141, P4144, P1175-2, P1176-2, P1174-2, P3335, P0038, P0112, P0113

Ultrasonic Continuous Level Transmitters and Accessories

MSP422-B28, MSP422-N28, MSP-BRK2, MSP-BRK3, MSP-FLG5, MSP-HVD, MSP400RH-B28, MSP400RH-N28, MSP900GH-A, MSP900SH-A/3, MSP900SH-A/20, MSP900SH-A/50, MSP900FH-A/3, MSP900FH-A/20, MSP900FH-A/50, MCU901WX-A, MCU901PX-A, MCU902WX-A, MCU90FPX-A, MLV-1, 433SD801M1, 433SD803M1, 433SD804M3, MSM400

Hydrostatic Level Transmitters

9710, 9720, 9780, 9790

Hydrastep and Hydratect Systems

2468C, 459600602, 459600802, 459600201, 246781ZA, 246782AC, 2467884AA, 246785A, 246785Z, 246785A, 246785P


SK1, SK2, SK3, SK4, SK5, SK6, SK95, SK68, SK69, SK72, SK76, SK77, SK79, SK322, SK325, SK80, SK81, SK85, SK365, SK368, SK351, SK51, SK73, SK67, SK93, SK65, SK66, SK97, SK98, SK101, SK273, SK18, SK50, SK274, SK52, SK53, SK55, SK57, SK58, SK59, SK60, SK61, SK62, SK63, SK64, SK231, SK178, SK179, SK180, SK181, SK182, SK183, SK184, SK185, SK186, SK188, SK189,SK190,SK191, SK192, SK193, SK194, SK195, SK196, SK197, SK198, SK199, SK200, SK201, SK205, SK343, SK388, SK454, SK456, SK457, SK207, SK208, SK209, SK470, SK213, SK214, SK215, SK216, SK471, SK472, SK473, SK217, SK220, SK221, SK222, SK223, SK225, SK226, SK276, SK135, SK137, SK138, SK140, SK144, SK145, SK146, SK152, SK153, SK154, SK155, SK159, SK160, SK161, SK162, SK163, SK165, SK167, SK168, SK169, SK290, SK297, SK298, SK299, SK301, SK375, SK312, SK313, SK361, SK362, SK31, SK32, SK33, SK34, SK35, SK36, SK37, SK38, SK39, SK40, SK41, SK42, SK43, SK44, SK45, SK46, SK47, SK230, SK244, SK265, SK311, SK332, SK267, SK331, SK304, SK406, SK461, SK381, SK383, SK389, SK458, SK459, SK481, SK482, SK483, SK484